Strategy & Business Transformation

We strategise the growth of businesses through our proprietary techniques and vast experience in transforming and restructuring organisations to be financially healthy and globally competitive. Our clients have realised upto 50% growth in margins.

The business environment is evolving and organisations at times may require to change their strategy and operations to be competitive and efficient. They need to imbibe newer international approaches, respond to changing environment and technologies as well as changing customer behaviour. A lot of businesses which were unique have become commoditised and need a different approach from their past to succeed. There are newer products which organisations launch which may be significantly different in their approach than their historical portfolio. Bridging such challenges has been our expertise.

We bring in change by through carefully understanding the culture and strength of organisations. It is easier to build on a strong foundation and leverage that to bring in new focus.

Uniqueness of Our Approach

We have pioneered the technique of Business Health and have developed a proprietaory method of evaluating business on those parameters which matter. We have married the business results which to the cause which are related to softer individual related parameters: perceptions, biases, culture and assumptions. These are what affect our ability to show results. By directly relating the two we were able to show how each of these affect business results.

Having understood the above parameters which drive results and an organisation’s inherent strengths we were able to bring in transformation. Sales and Marketing Operations were restructured – working towards a new strategy taking into account the culture.
Success was ensured by guiding execution

What is unique about our solution: Our techniques of understanding organisational strengths and challenges along with cultural capability gives us the edge in delivering results. These are unique to any organisation and a knowledge of culture and strengths helps in deciding on the right solution and steering it

Through our proprietary techniques and vast experience in transforming and restructuring we have successfully transformed organisations to be financially healthy and globally competitive across FMCG Food & Personal Care, Branded Packaged Commodities, Durables, Building Material Industry.

We have been able to influence our clients business on the following challenges

  • Profit improvement and cost management to deliver better business results
  • Contemporising/relaunching product portfolio and brands to increase market share
  • Market share improvement in an intensely competitive environment
  • Entry to new businesses or categories in a crowded market place
  • Sales & distribution strategy resulting in improved market presence
  • Manpower strategy, planning and profiling for improved competency and results

Transformed more than a dozen clients to improve sales growth by at least 30% and or profit growth of minimum 25%