Business Health Monitoring and Improvement

We have pioneered the technique of monitoring business health and suggest improvements in any consumer business through analytics and business health modules developed by in association with our global partners. This has given our clients immediate improvement in financial results from the next quarter itself.

This is a new approach to strategy, marketing and sales consulting for B2C companies which enables an organization to scale up.We have pioneered this technique of monitoring business health and improvements through analytics and business health modules developed by us in association with our global partners

Different stake holders have different roles and thus their perceptions are different about business which alters their assumptions and insights. A CEO would be more strategic while a salesman will be operational. Being too close to a business creates biases which may result in strategies failing to deliver results.

Our approach to consulting is to understand from a business health perspective as to what are the challenges an organization faces. We deep dive into the causes or insights which are limiting an organization from growing or have enabled it to reach where it has. This could be through meetings, structured questions or online tools.

What’s unique about our approach We have designed a proprietary method of conducting a business health study with various stake holders in the organization who know how to get business results. These could be the sales team, distributors/ dealers, influencers and/or the customers. This gives us a detailed understanding of the reasons for successes, impending challenges and probable solutions which arise from these stake holders.

The business health study is used as an input to our consulting solutions where we devise specific solutions to the identified client problems. Where required we hand hold the organizationon this journey to growth.

Our clients in FMCG, Durables, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Financial Investments have had immediate improvement in financial results from next quarter from 10-25% increase in business or profitability.

The solutions which we have delivered for our clients

  • Identifying growth opportunities for older legacy brands or business
  • Solutions for chronic low growth in business
  • Revitalising a new product into a successful launch
  • Scaling up businesses to grab share and grow the category
  • Improving profitability and establishing higher prices

Delivered over 100 different projects successfully to Fortune 100 & industry leaders in India with benefits accruing from the next quarter