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We have unlocked growth opportunities for various brands and organisations.
Convert 7 years of losses in a mature building material industry into profits in 18 months

Company was facing 7 years of losses, low gross margins and a discount brand trying to make its presence in faucet

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Recover a potentially failed new product launch in cigarettes to grow 5 times in 6 months

A new brand launched with superior value added features was heading for closure due to weak market acceptance

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A world leader wanted to triple its business of premium trucks from a minority share

Market leader in mass market was struggling since last 4 years to establish itself in the premium segment of MHCV trucks

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Doubling of a business segment in 6 months for a consumer lighting major

A challenger brand wants to grab share from the leader and double its volume in LED

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World leader in pharma had a degrowing business unit for 4 yrs which was reversed in 6 months

A portfolio of 8 brands comprising a major speciality division wanted to identify reasons for degrowth and a plan to recover

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World leader in personal care improved its brand image and profitability in 8 months

A world leader was attempting to change consumer habits from one product format cream to foam and grow the market in value as well as upgrade its image

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