Our Work

Our Work

Turned around a de growing business of Neuro Psychiatry for a Pharma world leader

Identified the top 4 growth drivers brands in the business portfolio of 10 and suggested improvements in marketing inputs and activation which would drive business for them as well as key specialities which they need to focus on in which markets

A national challenger brand in lighting wanted to double its volumes in 6 months

Identified challenge was distribution growth was much below plan. The company’s policies as well as past record in market settlement was limiting growth. How to manage this change was recommended and implemented

A world leader in premium trucks wanted to grow by 5X in a year

The main challenge identified was customer segmentation had gone wrong and product was being sold to mass market customer resulting in bad word of mouth. Service and gaps were identified and product benefits highlighted to right customer to grow

Leader in building material for ceiling wanted to grow a business segment by 4X

One of the products of the company was not being accepted by the market due to price and was competing with the unbranded. We identified the areas of product superiority and built customer value with added service to justify price

World leader in tyres wanted to improve profitability for one of its tyre pattern in India

A new pattern was launched with value added features but priced lower than competitors ideas were shared so that the company established its volumes and raised the prices too earning higher margin and establishing its presence in a premium segment

A world leader in snack food wanted to scale up a launch of a snack food in India

A new snack food variant/ brand extension was failing due to change in its taste, price, smell and communication, we identified the key reasons which affected growth and how each of the above parameters effected acceptance. A solution was presented to improve acceptance at national level

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