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Winds of Change

How often do you see a Chief Minister of a state standing up to the center sleeping on streets to protest like a common man. What Arvind Kejriwal is doing is what most Indians would like to i.e. change the system. His means are similar to Gandhi. He believes in a cause and digs in. He fights for a causes which we have forgotten. We have actually forgotten how to fight or even protest.

In this country no woman is safe, that's independence. The British or the Mughal's who were invaders had more respect for women then we Indians. There is a partial law implementation in most parts of India and no one wants to change it. He is right when he says why should the country celebrate Republic day when the women of this country are not safe. No point having laws if you can't implement them. This country has gone down on the social index for women, children, hygiene, ethical values. People like us have accepted this as a part of our lives. The Hindu fatalistic mindset makes us accept the status quo. This same mindset prevents us to wake up when we see wrong. We don't even bat an eyelid if we see a child working in a home or in a factory, in fact many middle class have children working in their homes as domestic help. Our own wife, sisters and daughters are protected by us by restricting their movements, dressing or even their voices. Is this a new and young India. Or have we been hijacked by a few who are a law unto themselves. Is India probably not worse off than a few underdeveloped countries on the human index.

Some one has to make you wake up and it will have to be done not by logical means. When our values are in anarchy the change will have to be brought about by anarchy.

The country has been run too long by people who don't have the will to do good for their citizen but to get petty political mileage and fill their personal coffers. Politics has become a business. We Indians have become zombies, we cease to think clearly and now worship this oppressor for not causing more harm to us than they could.

Is there a political option maybe with NaMo, he has exemplary oratory skills which allows him to convert facts to fiction. There is no difference between them and the ruling party, if we take into account the systematic rape of the system they have done in Karnataka it equals to what happens in WB, UP or Maharashtra.

The middle class who has confused values is judging AAP and the media who blows along with the wind is confused whom to support as they only support the one who is expected to have power. Don't be judgmental about what's happening in Delhi as there will be more turmoil ahead if India really wants to change.

Only a lunatic can manage India, welcome change.

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