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Trendz: A doctor for your business: Diagnostics in marketing & sales

You must be wondering, what's diagnostics got to do in marketing and sales, isn't this the domain of doctors, labs and hospitals. Yes it also is. As business can also get sick, sometimes chronic and sometimes acute in both cases one needs a doctor. Even with all the experts running a business we miss things which are evident.

Why are we missing these issues today?

CXO's rely on their employees for information and visit customers and trade to verify their hypothesis. The personal visits of the CXO to the customer or the market are reducing with pressure from the shareholders for growth.

Data has become a bottomless pit, companies are generating at least 5 times more data than they can consume or analyse. Trends or analytics still remains with the operational team who is suppose to execute. Thus often data is presented in a convenient way so as not to expose the chinks in execution.

As organisations get larger distances gets further, especially between the CXO and the front line who services the trade or customers. In large organisations the task of relaying information to the CXO becomes the KRA of the middle management. The value of this information is also dependent on the relation the CXO enjoys with the middle manager and his biases towards them.

Issues are usually diagnosed by speaking to few (trusted) subordinates or should I say convenience sampling.

How do we currently diagnose issues?

In the case of business, issues ranging from understanding why new products fail, or why sales hasn't happened as projected the knee jerk reaction is to pick up the phone and call a few of the customer facing executives and many regional heads.

In case of planning for the future whether its a trade scheme or a consumer offer we again call up the same select few to check on your plans.

Whenever we are brave enough to conduct a meeting to diagnose any issue in the business, more than half the attendees will not speak as they believe they will not be heard. A few from those who do speak are only trying to build brownie points.

How to resolve this ?

The CXO's are on the constant look out for insights from a smart salesman/ employee who can: show them how to to crack the competitor or work on ways how to get noticed over the clutter of competition or bring forward a product issue.


As all organisations have a maze of their systems, processes and politics one needs to find a way to get straight to the customer (internal or external) and reach the customer facing individual for the right diagnose.

This can be done in the corporates current system without ruffling feathers and by cutting out the non value adders.

There are tools through which we can diagnose issues provided we identify these issues. Its only when we accept that there is an issue, will we try to resolve it.

These tools can enable fielding intelligent questions to the right customers (internal or external) through a web based application which approaches all stakeholders equally.

The data gets uploaded and processed live to show trends identifying the reason for these issues. What took you ages to get from multiple telephonic call or a market/ customer visits, is now live, unbiased data.

Diagnostics in business is not a new area it happens daily but this process has got flawed over time with multiple priorities and biases. A tool now can help demystify your issues.

Vineet Trakroo

CEO, Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP

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