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Trendz: A doctor for your business: Diagnostics in marketing & sales

You must be wondering, what's diagnostics got to do in marketing and sales, isn't this the domain of doctors, labs and hospitals. Yes it also is. As business can also get sick, sometimes chronic and sometimes acute in both cases one needs a doctor. Even with all the experts running a business we mis…

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TrendZ : Are celebrity endorsements effective?

Indians go crazy over celebrities and why not - the world does too. Endorsements have been known to have benefitting brands with an increase in their top line and improved image. But mutually beneficial results happen only when we get all the factors right. Many a times the use of a celebrity is was…

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TrendZ : 8 strategies for managing in an economic slowdown, a Challengers perspective

Many CEOs of consumer companies are complaining about a slowdown affecting their growth and profitability. But does a slowdown really effect the 2nd challenger brand (ranked 3rd) or beyond. I don’t really feel so. A 2nd challenger would usually have a sub 15% market share and chances are quite high…

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Winds of Change

How often do you see a Chief Minister of a state standing up to the center sleeping on streets to protest like a common man. What Arvind Kejriwal is doing is what most Indians would like to i.e. change the system. His means are similar to Gandhi. He believes in a cause and digs in. He fights for a c…

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