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India TrendZ : The Digital Evolution

Digital revolution has been on in India since few years but it’s full blown effects will be felt in the coming years in schools, government interface with citizens, shopping, news and communications. What has been experienced in a few metros will percolate down to the masses across urban and rural India. There have been many technological and social milestones, which as a nation we have missed, but this gap will be closed by the current digital revolution.
Five structural changes which we shall be seeing in the next 2 years:
1. Streaming: consumers will stream between devices via Bluetooth (music, videos, YouTube etc) with the population of smart phones going critical in India. TVs and audio devices will talk to mobile devices more. The humble Bluetooth will be active once again - carry your own speakers and stream music, or Skype wirelessly. Wireless streaming to your TV from a computer will take over the DVD. The DVD is already a casualty in this cloud age.
2. Tablets, of course, shall take over many of the laptop functions, as well as of text books and notebooks. Schools will be the fastest adapter to this device. Soon the need to write and type will reduce considerably with intuitive software and apps. The tablets will create an individual learning experience for each student based on their capability. The low prices of tablets will put this device in the hands of all non computer users. The laptop will be passé with tablet apps driving this change. If you can talk to your device, why type.
3. Wifi and 3/4G will get more accessible; prices will be coming down as more consumers demanding more data with faster streaming. Data consumption on a hand held device will grow faster than any other consumer industry. This is directly affected by the growing numbers of hand held devices and increased consumption of data of by least 1GB/month
4. Social media has taken over work hours with smart phones users being always on. Many professionals have a large following and are ambassadors for their companies. Companies can’t stop this pervasive behaviour but will have to integrate the use of Social media in the work flow. This would get people together for better work interaction, hearing what your customers have to say, and building a stronger employee relation.
5. Security of data will be the single most important factor affecting all digital users compromising their online identity, banking transaction, web trading, etc. With users learning to be digitally savvy they are yet to understand how to prevent themselves from cyber attacks. There would be more attacks on your security than a virus attack on your systems. This would grow at a faster pace than physical crime. Considering the number of connected devices world over, there isn’t enough police or surveillance to handle such issues currently.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as many forces work to bridge the country digitally we shall certainly see a change for the betterment of society, governance and education.

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