Evolution Strategy Advisors Marketing Consultant

Who are we

We are a Strategy, Marketing & Sales and Alliance  Consulting Practice. Specialised in the areas of consumer goods in the Indian market. 

A consortium of industry professionals with domain knowledge in your industry

What do we do

Leverage new opportunities through strategy and innovation

We have been consulting CEO's & Boards of leading midsized companies on:
  • Restructuring existing business
  • Business strategies in the competitive context
  • Goto market strategies for their product ideas
  • Brand management and brand strategy
  • Improving sales and distribution effectiveness
  • Profitability improvement 
  • Creating new business for new markets
  • Creating successful new products


Improving execution excellence through diagnostics in sales and marketing: CapturePlus
The reason for success for any strategy is execution excellence. We have an  innovative consulting module created by us to improve in market execution by understanding the insights which lead to success.
Some of our areas of excellence are:
  • Identifying growth drivers which can jumpstart sales in legacy products/ brands
  • Identifying market insights responsible for success for new products
  • Success drivers for operational effectiveness of any marketing and sales inputs

We are working with leading brands in FMCG, Consumer, Durables, Pharma & Automobiles sectors

We build your business : International Alliances
We represent some of the leading international brands in durables, fmcg: personal care and food. We help establish international brands in India through alliances.
We also help Indian brands find the right partners to expand their operations through:
  • Joint Venture
  • Licensing brands 
Startup Mentoring
We have been mentoring new ecommerce and brick and mortar companies to establish their operations in a viable and sustainable manner. 
Creating better understanding of the market dynamics, consumer preferences and market potential which results into a sustainable business advantage.
We consult on business operations, pricing, business plans, marketing and sales projections. We also support startups in creating a cogent strategy to raise funding.

Partner you in scaling up

We implement what we ideate and work with your team to execute 

Areas we consult

 Strategy and Implementation for                                        

  • Marketing & Marketing Strategy
  • Product Portfolio Planning
  • Sales System Improvement   
  • Goto market plans 
  • Brand reconstruction              
  • Communications & Advertising Strategy 
  • Distribution focus        
  • Alliances